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Greg Cleary, Certified EOS Implementer in Minnesota
Entrepreneurial Operating System

What is EOS?

EOS is a holistic operating system that facilitates business growth.

It strengthens Six Key Components that are foundational in all successful businesses.

Traction MN - The Tools

The Tools

In the EOS, there are twenty tried & true tools that deliver results.

Implementing all twenty tools will allow you to take your business to levels that others only dream of.

The EOS Process

Our Process

EOS Implementers have used this process nationwide to deliver 16,000+ full day sessions to thousands of companies.

We know it works.

The EOS Entrepreneur

Gino Wickman is obsessed with helping entrepreneurs get what they want from their businesses. That singular passion drove him to create and share the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS) - first in SE Michigan, and now with the world.

In this brief video featured as part of its Modern.Biz program, Microsoft chats with Gino and his client Todd Sachse, owner of Sachse Construction, about passion, entrepreneurship and EOS.

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Our Implementers

Gregory Cleary

Gregory is as committed to mastery of the EOS process as any implementer on the planet. He spends 100% of his time helping companies successfully implement TRACTION—The Entrepreneurial Operating System. He brings his “A Game” to all 170+ sessions a year.

He was one of the very first 10 Certified Implementers of EOS worldwide.

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Client Feedback

  • I am an entrepreneur in business for the past 27 years. Although I have had steady success during that time I found myself ready to take steps to change my organization. I needed a facelift, upgrade and a more aggressive growth plan. Further I needed to change some old behaviors that were not conducive to our growth objectives; I needed to start viewing my business thru a new lens.

    I read Traction by Gino Wickman and attempted to implement the EOS program in bits and pieces but I could never really get it off the ground, I had to admit I needed help if I were to succeed.

    I went in search for an EOS implementer and found Greg Cleary. Greg brought absolute clarity and action to the EOS process and made it seem easy. His ability to cut through the B.S. and keep me and my team on track every minute has been invaluable. I am currently on our 9th quarter working with Greg and do not see any end to our current relationship.

    You know what they say, actions speak louder than words. With that the truest testimony is that I have had the privilege of getting Greg engaged with five plus companies in my category from coast to coast. Also I have had the privilege of getting his support to an additional 23 plus companies for training centered on growth and cultural change. If that doesn’t tell the story nothing will.

    I will continue to recommend Greg Cleary now and into the future for those who are seeking a positive change in their companies and their lives.

    Steve De Vries, President/CEO Showcore
  • We have been in business for 13 years plus, and implementing EOS has been the single best thing we have done to improve the culture, structure and performance of our company. The second best thing we did was to hire Greg Cleary as our EOS Implementer. Greg’s extensive experience helping leadership teams implement EOS and his overall business savvy have been vital to how quickly we have been able to put the EOS tools into action and the achievements and results we are seeing from it. Everyone on our leadership team is a huge fan of Greg, because he “brings it” every time we meet. I have gotten to know Greg quite well and what I admire most is that with his knowledge and wealth of experience, he could likely help businesses implement EOS without a lot of preparation or homework. Yet Greg always comes prepared, organized and energized at a level that I have never seen. In addition he continues to work hard to improve his craft and bring new tools and exercises to our leadership group that always seem to be timely and on target. Greg has brought dramatic improvement to me, to our management team and to our company.

    Ryan Blundell, CEO Master Technology Group
  • As I am nearing retirement from a family run business, I was in search of a program that would enable me to set forth a proper management method that I can pass on to the next generation. The Traction program was recommended to me to investigate and I very much felt it fit my needs quite nicely. Greg’s assistance with its implementation and his on-going facilitating have been just what we needed and all of my team has not only has bought in but flourished. We really like his kind but direct style.

    Jeff Jehn, President Waltz Business Solutions
  • Greg has completely changed how we operate. There is nothing better than running a company for 26 years and learning in 6 months how you should have been doing it all along. Currently we are 38 percent ahead of budget and our staff is happier than ever. We now know who we want to be.

    Allin Foulkrod, President Creative Visions
  • We started the Traction process with Greg in September 2014 and it has been a great value to our company. The L10 meetings and quarterly shout outs have been instrumental in driving a completely different level of communication throughout our organization. The energy and experience Greg brought to our quarterly offsite helped our executive work through difficult roadblocks and arrive at an VTO that accurately defined our values and vision.

    Greg Elliot, COO Standley Systems
  • Greg, thank you for the masterful way you are bringing my 1st team together around the EOS system. Your business experience, stories, and insights are helping us get aligned and focused to more efficiently serve our clients and coach our teammates to enjoy the success we all desire. We all agree you are making a significant contribution to our business operating knowledge and you are showing us ways to break down the barriers that have been slowing us down. We all agree you have been an important contributor to Popp implementing the EOS system in a positive productive way. Again, Thank You.

    Wm. J. “Bill” Popp, Chair and President Popp Communications
  • Greg is exceptional at getting to the REAL issue. His broad business experience and ability to connect the dots quickly helped our leadership team focus on our issues. I would highly recommend the EOS program and specifically Greg as a coach.

    Thomas W. Shaefer, CEO/President Master Coating Technologies
  • We’ve been working with Greg for about 18 months now and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Greg is always well prepared for our sessions and forces us to set reasonable yet challenging goals and rocks. A couple of the reasons we chose Greg as our EOS implementer was due to his willingness to be flexible and adapt to our culture and way of doing things yet at the same time ensuring we pushed ourselves outside of our comfort zone to achieve higher results for our organization also, Greg has extensive experience and knowledge specifically with sales. We have used Greg outside of our regularly scheduled Traction sessions to leverage his unique ideas in this area of our business.

    Brian Robinson, CEO Wilson Tool Enterprises
  • Wow, Greg said it would be hard, it would be challenging , BUT , it would be worth it, rewarding and help our company become stronger, more valuable and have a clear vision that would allow me to do more of what I am best at. He was right! More importantly, he has stick handled the unique aspects of our business and helped us recognize and utilize both people and processes to make us a much stronger company.

    Bill Nichols, CEO Blip Toys
  • I want to personally thank you for everything you’ve done for us to date. I do realize our EOS experience to date is a bit different than others (or possibly not!?), but I would easily rate you a 10+ on helping us to get where we are at right now from where we started. I appreciate your EOS implementation skills (obviously!) and your astute observations of our team and your strategic ideas on our business and sales/marketing processes are sincerely priceless. You are such a valued part of our team, and I can’t express how much I appreciate all of the additional “value add” items you’ve brought to the table for us. It’s going to be an awesome ride together over the next few years…you’re such a valued part of where we’re going that I need to find a spot on the accountability chart for you 🙂

    Luke Carlson, Founder & CEO Discover Strength
  • Greg Cleary has been helping me grow my business for 2 decades as a sales consultant, Traction facilitator, and valued business partner. Over the past 5 years since implementing Traction, we have doubled sales, increased profits 643%, and created a better team for even greater success in the future. I am so committed to Traction and Greg’s ability to lead people through it; I made it a condition of continuing on a regional companies board I serve on. I am a raving fan of Greg’s and will always make myself available for anyone interested to call for more information about how its working for my companies and answer any questions.

    Mike Sime, President Rapid Packaging

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